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Our Philosophy

"It is by virtue of the twelve channels that human life exists, that disease arises,

that human beings can be treated and illness cured." 

This is how channels were documented in the bible book of Chinese Medicine, Nei Jing, Ling Shu, at chapter 11. It has clearly stated that the channel Qi that flows in the channels is the key to the quality of life. In other words, how well the Qi flows in the channels can be seen as how well we live.

When Qi flows well without obstructions, one would feel upright and bright. The body/mind functions in peace and harmony. 

However, how do we ensure and maintain our Qi well flowing in the body channels? What are the factors that have impacts to deplete the Qi flow? 


"Om Shanti Shanti Shanti" 

Just like the well-known Peace Mantra stated, well-being - the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, comes from body, mind, and spirit all together. The ultimate health state would be total peace and harmony among all these aspects. They are intertwined and not separable.


Empower & Thrive

Each of us has innate healing power. Healing is a choice you make. At Clarity Healing, the goal is to empower you and work together with you through the healing journey, in the compassionate and non-judgmental environment we provide.

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