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ShouWu Kidney Tonic Soup is a classic dietetic herbal soup that has been used for centuries to support kidney function, promote hair growth and strengthen bones. Made with organic and all-natural ingredients, this soup is a great way to nourish your body and promote overall wellness. The combination of ShouWu and DuZhong herbs in the soup work together to tonify the kidneys, nourish the liver and strengthen the bones. Enjoy a delicious and healthy meal with ShouWu Kidney Tonic Soup

ShouWu Kidney Tonic Soup 首烏杜仲藥膳湯

  • ZhiShouWu*, DuZhong*, DangGui, DangShen, HuangQi*, YuZhu*, ShuDi*, GoJiZi*, GuiZhi*, MaiYa, HongZao*

    Self prepare: fresh ginger 10g (Not included)

    * USDA Organic

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